Features & Benefits

Our Features

  • SMSF Auditing is our single business focus
  • Peace of mind independence
  • High quality personal service
  • Timely audit turnaround
  • Capacity to meet high volume of SMSF Audits
  • Service that embraces and maintains professional standards and quality control in compliance with Australian Auditing Standards
  • Highly skilled specialist staff
  • Simple cost effective fee structure
  • Electronic capacity to handle your workload remotely
  • Expert and accurate assistance with potential SMSF breaches of the SIS Act

Our Benefits

  • Opportunity for your growth both within and outside the SMSF sector
  • Unlock your profitable billing hours –frees your time for your core business growth
  • Efficient & professional SMSF auditing conducted by a qualified SMSF specialist auditor
  • Retain your clients – we work for you behind the scenes and do not contact your SMSF clients directly
  • Avoid undue ATO attention – eliminate independence concerns and ensure a comprehensive SMSF audit is undertaken
  • Deal with us seamlessly by uploading your files securely from anywhere in Australia
  • Obtain a truly independent audit opinion – free from bias, undue influence or pressure
  • Ready access to our SMSF expertise to provide guidance on your SMSF queries